How to Make Money on Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 2024 (Step-By-Step-Guide)

How to Make Money on Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Unlock the Power of Amazon Affiliate Marketing: No Website Required

How to Make Money on Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: Identify Trending Amazon Products

The first step to making money with Amazon affiliate marketing is to research trending products that are in high demand. Start by searching for “Amazon movers and shakers” on Google and clicking on the first link. This will take you to the Amazon Movers and Shakers page, which showcases the products with the highest sales rank increases in the past 24 hours. These are the hot items that everyone is talking about and buying.

Take a look at the categories listed on the left side of the page. For this example, let’s choose the “Amazon Devices and Accessories” category. Within this category, you’ll find various trending products, such as the indoor security camera, which has over 26,000 reviews – a clear sign that it’s in high demand.

How to Make Money on Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Step 2: Obtain Affiliate Links

Now that you’ve identified the trending products, it’s time to obtain the all-important affiliate links. Select three similar products with good reviews and ratings, and open them in separate tabs. Right-click on each product and select “Open link in new tab” to easily navigate between them.

You’ll need to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program to generate your affiliate links. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the link in the description below for a step-by-step guide on how to sign up. Once you’re set up, simply click on the “Text” or “Image” option to copy your affiliate link for each product.

Remember to save and organize these affiliate links in a Word document, along with the product names and descriptions, for future use. Don’t forget to download the product images as well, as you’ll need them for the next step.

Step 3: Create a Comparison Article

In this step, we’ll use ChatGPT, an online tool, to write a comparison article for your chosen products as an Amazon affiliate. Head over to ChatGPT and provide the tool with information and instructions about your products. I’ve prepared a prompt for you in the description of this video, which you can simply copy and paste into the ChatGPT website.

After filling out the product information, hit the “Generate” button and wait for ChatGPT to work its magic. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a well-structured, detailed product comparison article that you can use to convince your audience to make a purchase.

Step 4: Make Your Article Look Human-Made

Now that you have your article, it’s time to make it look like it was written by a human, not an AI. To do this, go back to ChatGPT and start a new chat. Paste the article you generated earlier and write “The blog post in simple spoken English” above it. Click “Generate,” and ChatGPT will rewrite the article in a more natural, human-like way.

Copy the new article and paste it into GPT-0, a tool that can detect if content is AI-generated. You’ll see that the article is now recognized as human-made, and you’re ready to publish it online.

Step 5: Publish Your Article on Medium

In this final step, we’ll use Medium, a popular platform for publishing content, to share your article with the world. Start by creating a free account on Once you’ve set up your profile, it’s time to post your article.

Click on the “Write” button to access the article creation page. Copy the title you’ve already paraphrased from ChatGPT and paste it into the title section. Next, copy the introduction from ChatGPT and paste it into the body of the article, making sure to bold the first word to highlight the introduction.

Now it’s time to add the details of the products you want to feature. Go back to ChatGPT, select the details of the first product, and copy them. Paste the details into the appropriate section of your Medium article, making the product title bold and adding a call-to-action that includes your affiliate link.

Repeat this process for the remaining two products, making sure to include their titles, details, images, captions, and affiliate links. Finally, wrap up your article with a conclusion, which you can also copy from ChatGPT, and make the word “Conclusion” bold.

To make your article more visually appealing, create a simple image using Canva. You can use the product images you previously downloaded and remove the backgrounds using a tool like Adobe Background Remover. Arrange the images in Canva, add some attention-grabbing text, and upload the image to your Medium article.

Once you’ve completed all the steps, click the “Publish” button, and your article is live and ready for the world to see. Remember to include relevant keywords to help your article rank on Google, and be consistent in publishing new content daily to drive more traffic and sales.

How to Make Money on Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Earn Passive Income with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This method is highly effective and easy to implement. By publishing articles daily, you’ll get more traffic and sales, and the best part is that Medium offers a chance to earn additional income from your articles. Their payment system allows you to make anywhere from $4 to $8 for every 1,000 views, so you can not only share valuable content with your readers but also monetize your efforts.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks on this topic, be sure to check out the playlist in the description. I’ve got some amazing videos coming up that you definitely don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that like button to stay up-to-date with the latest strategies for making money online with Amazon affiliate marketing.

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