How to Get More Reviews on Amazon 2024 (A Complete Guide)

How to Get More Reviews on Amazon

How to Get Your Initial Batch of Reviews on Amazon

When launching a new product on Amazon, one of the most important things to do is to get your initial batch of reviews. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to get those first reviews quickly and effectively.

How to Get More Reviews on Amazon


The Importance of Reviews

Before we dive into the strategies, let’s talk about why reviews are crucial for the success of your product on Amazon. Reviews provide social proof and credibility to potential buyers. They help establish trust and confidence in the product and can significantly impact the decision-making process of shoppers. In fact, it is recommended to have at least 10 reviews before expecting any sales at all. The ultimate goal is to reach 30 reviews within the first 30 days of the product launch, as this has been shown to lead to a successful launch.

Top Strategies for Getting Reviews

1. Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is a program that allows sellers to provide products to trusted reviewers in exchange for honest feedback. It is an effective way to get a significant number of reviews quickly. To enroll in Amazon Vine, you need to be an FBA seller with new products under 30 reviews and be brand registered. Keep in mind that Vine reviewers are known for being picky, so be prepared for some potentially negative reviews. It is advisable to combine Vine reviews with other methods to minimize the impact of negative feedback.

2. Product Tester Sites

Product tester sites, such as FBA Reviews, offer another fast and reliable way to get initial reviews. These sites have a network of product testers who receive free products in exchange for feedback. Simply sign up on their website, add your products, and select the number of product tests you want to order. While testers are not required to leave a review, the majority of them do so. Depending on the product, it may take one to four weeks for the reviews to come in. Product tester sites can also help with ranking and launch, but they are not specifically designed for that purpose.

3. Request a Review Button

Seller Central now has a “Request a Review” button next to each order. Clicking this button sends Amazon’s default message to the customer, asking for a review. You can manually click this button for each order or automate the process using tools like Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is currently the only software to automate the review request process. This strategy is recommended to keep reviews coming in consistently.

4. Packaging Inserts

Using packaging inserts is another effective way to encourage customers to leave reviews. These inserts can be small cards with a call to action, such as “Scan here for your free gift” or “Scan here to register your warranty.” By offering an incentive, customers are more likely to engage and leave a review. There are apps and services available, such as Get Reviews AI, that automate the process of creating landing pages for QR codes on your packaging inserts.

5. Friends and Family Reviews

While it is generally advised not to rely on friends and family for reviews, you can reach out to existing customers who have already shown positive feedback on your website or social media platforms. Send them a personalized message thanking them for their support and ask if they would consider leaving a review on Amazon as well. This strategy can be effective for getting genuine reviews from satisfied customers.

6. Love Letter Reviews

Love Letter reviews are detailed, lengthy reviews that provide a comprehensive overview of the product’s benefits and the customer’s personal experience. These reviews address common questions, address negative reviews, and compare the product to competitors. Ideally, if you have existing raving fans, ask them to leave Love Letter reviews. These reviews are valuable marketing material and significantly impact potential buyers.

The Power of Reviews

Once you have gathered your initial batch of reviews, the goal is to reach a thousand reviews as soon as possible. Products with a thousand reviews and a 4.3-star rating have a significant advantage in terms of conversion rate and visibility on Amazon. It may take time to reach this milestone, but the effort is worth it, as it can lead to long-term passive income. Aim to continually improve your products and provide exceptional customer service to encourage more positive reviews.

How to Get More Reviews on Amazon


Getting your initial batch of reviews is crucial for the success of your product on Amazon. By following the strategies outlined in this blog post, you can increase your chances of receiving reviews quickly and effectively. Remember to combine different methods, such as Amazon Vine, product tester sites, packaging inserts, and reaching out to existing customers, to maximize your results. Keep in mind the importance of reviews and ratings, and strive to reach a thousand reviews with a 4.3-star rating to boost your product’s visibility and conversion rate. Happy selling!

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